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Food Savvy


Don't let dates on packaging baffle you into throwing good food away! 

The USE BY date is the only date label you need to worry about.


The BEST BEFORE date is just a quality date and has nothing to do with food safety.

DISPLAY UNTIL and SELL BY are just guidance for the shop – you can ignore them!


You can freeze food right up to the use by date. Just make sure that you cook and eat it on the same day it is defrosted.

Cook too much rice or pasta?

Take away the guesswork and save money at the same time.

Portion calculator

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish
Got leftovers?

Run out of ideas? Don't throw them away, try something new!

Recipe finder

Freezer Rentals
Can you freeze it?

Do you know which foods freeze well? And how to defrost safely?  

Freezer rules

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Savvy Storage

The key to food staying fresher longer is savvy storage


  • Most fresh food should be kept in the fridge

  • Potatoes and onions prefer a cool dark place

  • Bananas prefer the fruit bowl

  • Bread is better in a cupboard or freezer 

Try storing fresh stuff that needs using up on the top shelf of your fridge in your eye line so you remember to use it
Keep your salad fresher for longer by adding a piece of kitchen roll to your salad drawer or your bag of salad
A fridge temperature at or below 4°C will keep your food fresher for longer
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