Budgeting and Debt

From Tuesday 4th May 2021, the new Breathing Space and Mental Health Crisis Debt Respite Schemes will come into effect in England and Wales.

Breathing Space is a new scheme that gives people temporary protection from most types of debt collection while they take action to get on top of their debts. 

You can apply through a debt adviser for sixty days’ Breathing Space. 

Visit the Citizens Advice  and GOV.UK websites for full details of the scheme.

Debt Advice

If you are in debt there are many organisations in Shropshire who can help. See the map below to find out where you can go and ask for an appointment.

There are many online services offering debt advice, like Stepchange. 

Credit Unions

Shropshire has two Credit Unions, which offer access to savings accounts and small low interest loans - including to people with a poor credit history. The loans start at just £50 and are much safer to use than payday lenders.


They work with you to improve your credit rating and financial behaviour.

If you're in South Shropshire you can also get no interest loans from the charity NILS for household items, accessing work or  education

Beware of illegal money lenders or 'Loan Sharks'! They charge very high interest and can use harassment, violence and intimidation. Find out how to spot and report them here.
Money Saving Tips
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Money Advice Services in Shropshire