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Cooking on a Budget

Top Tips


1. Embrace meal planning

Planning meals and snacks ahead of time is essential. You'll create a more focused shopping list and end up with less waste. Here are some weekly meal plans from Thrifty Lesley - including for cooking without any power.

2. Use budget recipes

Use online resources like Cooking on a Bootstrap or Feed your family for £20 and this collection from Good to Know. For inspiration and support, join a Facebook group devoted to a food budget of just £1 or 50p a day.


3. Cook in bulk

Cook once, eat twice. Either eat the leftovers the following day, or freeze for an easy meal another time. BBC Good Food has some great tips on how and what to freeze.

4. Use a slow cooker

Slow cookers are great at maximising flavour and getting the best out of cheaper cuts of meat. Prep at breakfast time and come home to a delicious meal.

5. Substitute ingredients

Don't buy special ingredients for a meal - use something similar you already have in the cupboard.

6. Check your fridge

Use up fresh food first to stop it going to waste. Try using Supercook to see what you could make with the food you already have.

25 skills every cook should know

Want to brush up on your kitchen skills? BBC Good Food has created video guides covering all the basic skills you need. Nailing the basics can help you save money and time, and you can learn to be more creative in the kitchen!

Cooking with limited equipment

Not everyone has access to a full kitchen. Here are some recipes you can make using only a kettle, toaster or microwave.
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