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Five top tips for eating well on a budget

You can eat well - even if your budget is limited

There is lots of advice out there to help you make the most of your food budget. For example, Jack Monroe has blogged about her experience of cooking as a single mum on a low budget over at cookingonabootstrap. Her blog is packed with over 700 low cost recipes - many of which would feed a family for under £1 per meal. Recipes include a burger for 9p, a chilli for 25p or a lasagna for 35p per portion. 

Here are her 5 top tips for eating well on a budget.

1. Check what you have in your fridge, freezer, and store cupboard

Before you go shopping grab a piece of paper and fold it into four and write down what you have in four categories (Proteins, Carbs, Fruit & Veg, Flavours). Search for simple recipes to use up these ingredients. Now you can draw up a list of exactly what you need to buy. 


2. Don’t be afraid to swap ingredients in recipes

Recipes are rough ideas - don't be afraid to experiment. Many expensive ingredients can be replaced with cheaper alternatives. For example, powdered milk goes further than fresh and one packet of dried mixed herbs can be used in many recipes rather than buying lots of individual herbs.

3. Go meat-free two or three days a week to cut your food bills down

Vegetable based meals are cheaper and you they will help you reach your 5 a day target.

4. Buying in bulk doesn’t always mean foods are cheaper

Look at the price per 100g, rather than the overall large price printed on the packet, to see which is better value for money.

5. Finally, know which bit of the supermarket is best for each item

For example, tinned food can be great value for money and some fruit and veg is much cheaper if you buy it from the freezer section.

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