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Furniture & Equipment

If you need help with furniture or household equipment there are several places you can get help in Shropshire

The Local Support and Prevention Fund run by Shropshire Council helps vulnerable people who are facing a crisis. You may be eligible for help with:​

  • Essential domestic furniture (including white goods)

  • Clothing for expectant mothers and babies

  • Travel expenses (including emergency transport costs)

  • Deposits or rent in advance for new accommodation

  • Replacing household items including clothing

  • Living expenses (gas, electricity, heating oil, food)

  • Beds & bedding

  • White goods

  • Provision of heating appliances

  • Essential domestic appliances/cookware

To apply for support though the fund call 

0345 678 9078 

More information


No interest loans of up to £400 for household items - to be bought from local businesses

01584 811512

Shrewsbury furniture scheme.jpg

Offers furniture and white at low prices to people in on certain benefits. Free local delivery


Phone 01743 246668  


If you are on a low income and benefits you can be referred through an agency to receive essential items.


Phone 01584 877788 

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