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Shopping on a budget

Ten top tips for shopping on a budget

As prices increase it can be really difficult to keep down the costs of your food shop. Here are Jack Monroe's tips for shopping on a budget. For the full article click here.

1. Write a meal plan before you go shopping


Check what you already have in the cupboard, then plan your meals for the week to use up these ingredients.


2. Don't be afraid to substitute


Recipes are just ideas. If you already have a similar ingredient – use it rather than buying something new.


3. Write a list and stick to it

Supermarkets are experts in getting customers to buy more than they need or try new products. Shopping with a list means that you can focus on buying exactly what you need, with no money wasted.


4. Investigate the tinned aisle


Tinned food lasts longer and tinned fish, potatoes and fruit are usually all cheaper than buying fresh.


5. Buy frozen vegetables


Frozen vegetables cheaper, are often pre-chopped and don’t end up going limp in the bottom of your fridge.


6. Get on your knees


Supermarkets plan their layouts very carefully, with their standard and premium products at eye level. Value branded items tend to be near the floor, so make sure you look down.


7. Downshift one brand at a time


Be price conscious. If there is a cheaper version of your usual item, give it a go. You might be surprised that there is very little difference in taste.


8. Take a walk


Don’t just stick to the supermarket. Walk around your area and see what else is available. Some foods can be cheaper in smaller shops.


9. Buying in bulk does't always mean it's cheaper 


Check the price per 100g.


10. Take a pen or calculator with you


Add up your basket as you go around the shop to keep track of how much you are spending.



Use to compare the price of your basket online

Compare food prices


Frugal living in the UK is packed with recipe and shopping tips



Stores like Approved Foods sell products that are over or near their best before dates at up to 70% discount 

Past best before?

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