Shropshire Larder

Are you on a low budget, want to save money, or need help accessing free or low cost food?

COVID-19 Help with food

Need help with shopping?

Across Shropshire local volunteer groups have been set up to help people who are self-isolating. Find one in your area:

Some supermarkets are now taking payment over the phone so there is no need to give a volunteer cash to do shopping for you.

Can you get help from a food bank?

There are food banks across Shropshire who can help you if you are unable to afford food. Referrals can be made by a wide range of organisations. 


Find out how to get a food bank referral

Self isolating with a medical condition?

The NHS have written to people they have identified as being particularly vulnerable due to a medical condition.

If you are self-isolating due to a medical condition and you need care or assistance with food you should register here.

More information

Age UK Shopping service

If you are over 60 Age UK may be able to arrange to do your shopping for you. Visit their website for more information or phone 01743 233 788

COVID-19 Help and Advice

Shropshire Coronavirus Helpline

Shropshire Council have a dedicated Coronavirus Helpline

Phone 0345 678 9028 if you have any Coronavirus-related issues or enquiries.

The line is open from 8am to 6pm weekdays, and 9am to 1pm Saturdays. 


Each caller will be asked to explain their need and, if required, this information will be passed on to the appropriate support.

For medical advice please go to NHS 111 online

Need financial help?

If you’ve been affected by Coronavirus, you might be able to claim benefits or get more money on your current benefits.

Check what benefits and support you can get

Shropshire Citizens Advice

All drop in sessions have been closed

Please call Advice Line Shropshire on 03444 991100

Please be aware that lines may be busier that usual

Latest Government Advice

Things are changing all the time. Find the latest government guidance here.

Shropshire Food Shops: Covid-19

Want to know which shops are offering delivery?


What the priority times are for older people?


We have started to map what shops are doing during the Covid-19 crisis


We will be adding to the map when we get more information