Are you on a low budget, want to save money or need help accessing free or low cost food?​

The Shropshire Larder is a community food resource which brings together local and national knowledge on different types of support available in Shropshire.

Emergency Food

If you are in need of food, don't go hungry. Find out where to access emergency food in Shropshire

Community food projects

Low cost or free food provided by the community for the community.


Cooking on a budget

Practical tips to make your food budget go further whilst staying healthy.

Chalkboard Drawings

Children & Families

How to access Free School Meals, Healthy Start Vouchers and more.


Covid-19 Advice & Support

Find mutual aid groups, Council services and specific initiatives to help you during this time.

White Landline Earpiece


A directory of a wide range of organisations to ensure you find the right help for you.

Lending a Helping Hand

Finding Help

Guidance for issues with debt, bills, maximising your income, housing and more.

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Latest news and advice from Shropshire Larder and our partners.

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