Finding Help

Whether you need advice with benefits, support with debt or help with your living situation - there are services across Shropshire which can help you. 
Follow the links below and check out our Directory for a full range of services.
Calculate Savings

Maximise your Income

Need support with benefit applications? Want to build your employment skills? Find out where to get support.

Budgeting & Debt

Struggling to make ends meet? Find out where to get impartial, free local help.

Gas Furnace

Household Bills

Grants and advice to help with paying your utility bills

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Mental health and bereavement support

Image by Park Street

Older People

Recipes, money management and benefits advice, local support for older people

Green Rocking Horse

Children & Families

Government programmes and non-profit organisations for families and children

Wooden Toy Houses


Can't pay your rent or mortgage? At risk of homelessness? Find out where to get help.

Wooden Chair

Furniture & Equipment

Do you need furniture or white goods? A furniture scheme may be able to help.

Boxed Food


Services for people with illness or  disabilities in Shropshire

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